Investing in Commercial Property Syndicates can be an extremely powerful way of increasing your returns & sharing the risk.

Chris Lang shares how syndicates work & the difference between private & public offerings. He also explains how he sets up syndicates for his clients. 


Bronko Kozel from First In Finance explains where the bank's appetite for lending has landed in the COVID-19 climate. He shares the alternate paths for investors & what interest rates / LVRs to expect. 


James Dawson Webinar - The #1 Australian Online Commercial Property Course


Chris Lang's - Ebook 

Everything you need to know about Private Syndicates

Chris Lang's Keynote Address 9-Step Investment Formula

Instead of the normal price of $67, insert 66off into the discount coupon code & access the 9-Step Formula for just $1.


Bronko Kozel - First In Finance


Develop a Life - Investing as a Team  

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Request a Free Subdivision Assessment today.  

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