Simon Pressley from Propertyology stops by & opens our eyes to the fact that we all have a built-in confirmation bias & how it is affecting our financial freedom. As I try & lure him over to the commercial side he drops his top picks for the next hot spots & how he filters out locations. 


Peter Vines gives us a look into the Western Sydney market & helps us understand if Sydney is going to come back into play for investors. He also shares the type of assets currently in demand & details infrastructure projects that he says will be game-changers for the Western Sydney market. 


When purchasing a commercial property the banks like to be in the driver's seat controlling the valuation & the lending terms of the deal. Effectively in the final weeks of your purchase, they can pull out at any time leaving you high & dry without funding. Chris Lang explains an out of the box way to take that power out of the banks' hands & put it back into yours. We also announce an exciting giveaway for one lucky CPS listener. 


James Dawson & I go back to basics & explain all the relevant investing terms & acronyms that you need to know to begin your commercial journey. We also touch on some advanced metrics & formulas that even the most seasoned investors struggle with. James breaks it down & makes it easy to understand. 


James Dawson Webinar - The #1 Australian Commercial Property Course


Chris Lang’s Keynote Address 9-Step Investment Formula

Instead of the normal price of $67, insert 66off into the discount coupon code & access the 9-Step Formula for just $1.


Propertyology - Australia’s #1 Thought-Leading Property Market Analyst & Award-Winning Buyers Agent 


Peter Vines - Managing Director


Develop a Life - Investing as a Team  

We source Commercial & Residential property development sites. If it's time to sell your property, we want to know about it. We might be able to pay above-market prices. 

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