Jay Anderson returns to the show to talk about a question that most investors have asked themselves at one point, “Should I hire a professional property manager or should I self manage”. He weighs in on both options and explains how to spot a rockstar property manager. He also shares the technology you can leverage to make your life a whole lot easier if you do choose to go down the self-management road. 


James Dawson shares his 40 years of wisdom securing traditional finance for commercial property. He explains the pros and cons of interest-only vs P & I payments, locking in a rate vs variable and even paying down your loan. We discuss current interest rates and LVR’s the banks are still willing to go up to and he also shares the exact formula you can use to figure out what price range you should be looking at. If you are currently trying to secure finance for your next investment, this is going to be really helpful for you.    


James Dawson Webinar - The #1 Australian Online Commercial Property Course  



Jay Anderson  

Ph: 0410 746 200 Email: jay@jayanderson.com.au



Chris Lang’s Keynote Address 9-Step Investment Formula

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Develop a Life - Investing as a Team  

Subdivision Management Service - We help everyday Mums & Dads Subdivide their family home. Request a Free Subdivision Assessment Today.  

Andrew Bean 

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